Perfuct cover art reveal

So thrilled to finally be able to share this!

RHOGG_PerfuctFINAL web reveal.jpg

Since there's a lot to take in, here's a crop of the illustration to spare you the squinting:

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 10.03.18.png

Heaps of gratitude to my designer Richard Hogg.

He never made me feel like a horrible person for asking a thousand times over, "can we see what it would look like if we tried _____ ?" In my defence, I wrote this book as a way to better understand perfectionism, not to cure it. Let's just say Dick is my favourite designer for reasons that extend well beyond his craft. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more gracious, eager collaborator.

Hopefully, now that I've buttered him up, he'll pardon my taking the liberty of sharing the very first sketch he sent across. The concept was all there on day one, weird and wonderful, perfuctly intact:

perfuct concept sketch.png

The first draft of the manuscript is nearly finished and I'm working toward summer 2018 as a launch window. If you want to get updates in the meantime...

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